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        Ajwa Khajoor for Sale

        Dates offer numerous health benefits for users. You can buy pure Ajwa dates grown in Medina farms at affordable prices from Made In Madina. As a highly reputed and reliable online store, we offer naturally bite-sized dates that are authentic and nutrient-rich.

        Learn about the nutrients available in our products

        Our Ajwa dates for sale in India contain a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals including

        • - Soluble and insoluble fiber
        • - Vitamin B-6
        • - Potassium
        • - Magnesium
        • - Iron

        Long lifespan and easy storage

        Our dates can be stored easily in your refrigerator in sealed containers for months. The freshness stays for several months without affecting the nutrient value and taste.

        Attractive packaging and stunning discounts

        Our Ajwa Khajoor for sale in India is made available in beautiful packages. Being a highly renowned online store, we offer excellent discounts for all products.

        If you want top quality, original and energy boosting Ajwa dates, you can get in touch with us immediately.

        Ajwa Dates

        Ajwa dates grown in Medina farms, mentioned in the Hadith – the Prophet, ( PBUH ) said: “whoever starts the day with seven dates of Ajwa will not be hurt by any poison or magic“.