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        Handmade Natural Soap

        Everyone knows that skin is one of the largest organs of human body. It is very sensitive so we must be careful in choosing the products which we apply on our skin. Some brands are very popular but they contain some harmful chemicals which are not good for skin. That’s why people have started using handmade soaps as they contain natural ingredients.

        Differences between handmade & commercial soaps

        Glycerin is a very useful product which is considered best for skin. It is produced naturally during the manufacturing of handmade natural soap. Handmade soaps contains humectants which helps in keeping skin hydrated & moisturized by absorbing moisture from natural air. In commercial soaps glycerin content is very less and they add some other substances so that their costing of manufacturing is less and profit is high. Hence you must decide that which soap is best for you and your skin. Madina made soap are considered to be best as they are prepared by organic substances.

        Whenever you use any commercial soap on your skin you must have feel that your skin is dry and you need to hydrate your skin by applying lotion or moisturizer. This is because in these commercial soaps glycerin content is very less due to which skin is not able to attract moisture from the air. Sometimes you must have seen after sometime these soap bars get crack and become dry. Even there are many companies which use synthetic detergents that contain filler, colorants, petrochemicals and harsh chemicals. Commercials soaps are combination of fatty acids & lye. That’s why they are also known as beauty soaps.

        How handmade soaps are prepared?

        In the handmade soaps cold process is used for the manufacturing and different types of oil and butter is used so that there is no harm on the skin. All the products are carefully chosen with proper testing. When you use best Madina soap skin gets proper nourishment of moisturizer. For colorants & natural scents herbs are mixed in the handmade soap. For fragrance special fragrance oils are used. Other ingredients like goat’s milk, colloidal oatmeal, honey, aloevera etc are used to increase the moisture content. This is the reason that handmade soaps melts at a faster rate than commercial soaps if they left on a wet area. So try to keep it at a proper place so that you can use handmade soap for a longer time.

        You must be feeling surprised that these commercial soap companies shows advertisement that soap of their brand increases the glow of the skin buy in actual it is not. Whenever you buy the soap you can see all the ingredients and study the pros and cons of all ingredients. You will yourself understand that which soap is better for you.

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