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        Introduction of Ihram Clothing
        Let us first understand that what is Ihram means in Islam? It is basically a uniform which must wear by men when they go for Hajj pilgrimage. It is worn at time of visiting Hajj and Umrah. People must know that is mandatory to wear Ihram when they visit Mecca the holy city to perform Umrah. This dress is used to eliminate all types of difference between the pilgrims. The main objective behind this is that all look same in front of Allah irrespective of class and culture. It cannot be subject to change for any particular group .Hence Ihram clothing encourages everyone to put all differences at one side and collectively establish identity of one in all. This dress is a symbol of simplicity. Whenever any pilgrim decides for performing Umrah they must possess state of purity & minimalism.

        When you make up your mind for performing Umrah you also need to know how to wear Islamic Ihram and how to carry it. We will guide you how to wear it.

        How to wear Ihram?

        Once you decide to wear it the first thing you need to do is take a proper bath so that all dirt from the body can be removed. You need two unstitched sheets of white color to wear Ihram. One sheet will be used to fasten around waist area and second sheet will be drape about torso area. It is for men’s. Remember one thing that when a woman is in Ihram state she cannot veil face at any cost.

        Once you have done this then you can offer two rakat nafal if the time is right. Remember to cover your head with second sheet when you are doing prayer.

        There are some restrictions which is compulsory for all to follow after wearing Ihram. They are as follows:

        Sewn clothes are not allowed if anyone has worn Ihram. Undergarments are also not allowed to wear.

        Only sandals and flip flops are allowed to wear. Shoes are strictly prohibited as they cover your legs.

        Hair cut is not allowed during the state of Ihram. It is believed that a single hair form body part should not be trimmed. Same way nails are not allowed to trim.
        Pilgrim is not allowed to use perfumes.

        From where to get Islamic Ihram Clothing:

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