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        Majdool Dates 1KG

        Majdol dates are considered the diamond of dates and referred as “nature’s power fruit”. they are prized for their large size, extraordinary sweetness and chewy texture. They make great natural sweeteners...

        Safawi Dates 1KG

        Safawi from Madina Saudi Arabia, chewy and have a mildly sweet. They are relatively large in size with a dark brown color. These are known best for treating anemia and intoxication....

        Anbra Dates 1 KG

        These are considered to be the finest quality of dates from Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest of the Medina dates and is renowned for its size.

        Khudari Dates 1 KG

        They are cylindrical in shape and often found in medium or big size. These brownish-red dates have the hidden quality of boosting energy instantly! They are not too wrinkly. The skin...

        Sagui Dates 200 GM

        Sugaey dates has the lightest color, going from medium brown to a very light brown at the top so had a unique 2-toned colour. They were also moderately wrinkled but the...