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        Delicious Mamoul Cookies are very popular and loved by all age people. They are good for health. Children or adults love to eat Mamoul. They are available in different shapes, sizes and tastes. Everyone has their own method of preparation. When dates are filled in dough and garnished with sugar best mamoul cookies made. It can be eaten any time. It is very tasty. Once you have taste Madina made Mamoul you will love it and will desire to have it again and again.

        Specialty of Mamoul Cookies: They are best choice to gift anyone on festive season. People will eat it with love and will remember you for such a delicious mamoul. At the time of festivity you can buy it in bulk from Madina. It has such an awesome taste that now it has started coming in different varieties and flavors keeping the traditional taste alive.

        Shape: Mamoul cookies are come in round shape or oval elongated shop. To give a perfect shape wooden mould is used and in these mould each piece is kept though shape can be given by molding with hand. Proper shape doesn’t come if we mold with hand. To give a professional and neat look people use moulds. Madina made mamoul comes in very fine shape. Round shapes mamoul cookies are mould in the shape of dome having a pointed or flat top. It is mandatory that each shape has its version as sometimes nut filling is also used and to differentiate nut filling from date filling different shapes are required.

        Size: Cookies with dates have different sizes depending upon for which occasion and use they are prepared. It is good to serve large size pieces to the guests if you serving it as deserts so that guests don’t need to pick it again and again. For children and small kids it is better to serve small size pieces so that they can easily finish one and pick second. Sometimes it happens that kids don’t like as their taste buds are different for every time and wastage will be less. These small sized mamoul cookies are also best who takes it just f to satisfy desire of sweet. It has very less calories.

        When to serve

        You can serve mamoul cookies on any occasion. They are best for health as they contain natural sugar and many different vitamins and nutrients which are essential for body.

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