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        Prayer Carpets

        There is a vital role of Madina made carpet in the lives of people. It is preached in Islam that Salah or prayers must be offered by faith followers five times in a day. It is important that a clean place is selected for prayer purpose. This is the reason why people buy prayer mat online so that a place that is unspoiled could be made by placing the mats. Therefore Madina made prayer mat is used for the purpose of making a prayer suitable place. Since the very beginning of Islam, prayer mats are in use. Several types of prayer mats are available and the most popular ones are Madina made prayer mat.

        Hand woven small carpets are the form most commonly found in prayer mat online. From the general carpet, a prayer mat is set different with the icon in the form of some Islamic building. When it comes to affordable prayer needs, some areas are highly popular where people find options such as prayer rugs for sale, Madina made prater met etc. The Madina made carpet are often found to have famous designs of Islamic architecture or popular mosque woven in the prayer mats differentiating them from general mats. Madina made carpets are highly famous and this is the reason why there is great demand of these prayer mats online.

        People searching for prayer mat India can find Madina made prayer mat as the best option matching with their needs. This is beneficial for the locals as well as the prayer mat India serve as regular income source for them in which can integrate the local traditions as well. The prayer mats having design of Masid-e-Nabvi or Kaaba are also popular among people.

        There are several other designs as well that are present on the prayer mats that we offer. These include structure in the shape of arch at mat’s top. This helps the worshipper as the marker of direction so as to feature in Mecca direction.

        There are wide range of options available in terms of colors, designs etc. that one can find on the prayer mat India offered by us. Prayer mat online have green as the most common color used in them. In this, Masiid-e-Nabvi of Medina’s picture is there representing famous mosque’s dome colors.

        So find the best and most suitable prayer rugs based on your needs from our wide collection of prayer mats designed with the purpose of making prayer time serene.