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        Prayer Dress

        The prayer dress is something intended for making the house or street clothing suitable and comfortable prayer outfits. The Muslim prayer dresses are commonly lightweight to medium and this is the reason why woven cotton of light weight fabric or stretch fabric is used for making these prayer clothes. The availability of these prayer outfits are in sets of 2 pieces or 1 piece including elastic skirt and top of Khimar style. In these comfortable prayer outfits, the sets of 2 pieces have long skirts that one can pull to the underarms for length adjusting.

        The aim behind designs of Islamic prayer dresses is that one can wear them effortlessly and quickly. These prayer clothes could be easily kept in tote, at home as well as in car so that they are readily available whenever one needs to get ready for prayer. It is possible that these comfortable prayer outfits are longer from wearer height since they are based on one-size-fits-all idea. At the time of prayer, the Muslim prayer dress is intended to be worn as an additional layer. The Islamic prayer dress is not the primary garment but an additional layer and we take care of this fact while presenting the collection to customers.

        You can find widest range of best and highly popular as well as affordable dress with us in our huge assortment. Several patterns as well as colors are available to make the search easy for the users. We understand the fact that certain rules are associated with the prayer dress and take care of these in our collection of dresses as well. Some of the basic rules associated with the prayer dress are:

        • The dress should be clean as in Najis, the Salat clothes are not considered as valid
        • In Salat, the things like elephant’s hide are not allowed
        • No dead animal part should be used in these dresses. A dead animal’s fat, hide or meat is not used for making these dresses.
        • The animal’s sweat that eats human beings refuse is also not allowed in the clothes of prayer.
        • Pure silk is not allowed for men in prayer dress
        • Men are also not allowed to wear clothes made from mixed or pure gold at the time of prayer.

        All these rules are very well taken care of in the prayer dress offered by us. We have several affordable options in comfortable prayer dress so that one needs not to worry about the budget while purchasing these. One can also find the latest patterns in these dresses to follow the trend. It is upto the choice of the wearer as what kind of dress he wants, its patter, color etc. We have several options available with us so that the varying needs of people could be met at a single place. So visit Made in Madina and find the desired option in prayer clothes matching with your preferences.