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        Prayer Needs

        Prayer Carpet is very important in every Muslim’s life. In the Islam religion it is necessary to preach Salah 5 times in a day by the followers. For every individual it is very necessary to pray on clean place and this is the reason that prayer mat are required. These can be prayer carpet also which can be used anywhere to create a neat and clean place for praying. These prayer rugs which are also known as carpet or mats are in used from the time when Islam was advent. There are different types of carpets are available in market which you can easily purchase. 

        Different types of Carpets:

        The most popular and common type of prayer mats are the one which are hand woven with the carvings of Islamic building. These carvings are made on the mat so that people can easily make out that this is not a regular mat. It is used for prayer purpose only. There are some regions which are famous because these types of prayer rugs are produce in those regions only. These prayer mats are considered as Islamic art also.

        There are other prayer carpets which tell about the origin of its region. In such prayer rugs or carpets generally pictures of local Masjid. These building helps in knowing the area of their origin.Some part of the Middle East Asia is popular for manufacturing such prayer carpets. Small towns of Muslim dominated countries are regular suppliers of these prayer carpets. It is the main source of earning in small towns and they are following the tradition of their ancestors.

        In Saudi Arabia most of prayer mats consists of Kaaba or Masjid-e-Navabi’s designs. Madina made prayer needs are very popular over here. Groups or individual when goes to Medina which is the most scared pilgrimage of Muslims buy these Madina made carpet from here.

        Other popular designs of prayer carpet all over the globe is carving of arched shaped dome or structure which is basically a symbol of direction marker which tells worshipper that he need to face towards Mecca.

        These prayer rugs are available in different designs and color. You can pick anyone of your choice. Mostly green color is used because it represents color of dome.

        From where to buy:

        You can buy these on online sites very easily. And one of the famous sites is In many sites Prayer Rugs for sale option is also there from where you can buy these prayer carpets at very nominal price. It is very easy to find Prayer Needs India. Some of the prayer carpets have such an extraordinary weaving that they are used over hundreds of years and still look fresh. You can buy them also if you want an extraordinary piece in your collection.