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        Speciality Dates

        Dates are very good for health. It is the best replacement of sugar and especially for them who wants to reduce consumption of refined sugar. They have the quality of sticky blindness and known for gluten. It’s a pure vegan and can be used as a biding agent in cheesecake base. High quality dates provides essential nutrients and are very rich in potassium. The best season for harvesting dates is winter although they grow all around the year. Different varieties of dates are available all over the world. The specialty dates are of three types and categorized as soft, dry and semi soft. Specialty dates can be eat anytime.

        Different types of dry dates:

        Dry dates are often called as bread dates as they are not dehydrated by anyone as like other dried fruits. Instead of this they contain less moisture during the time of ripe. Some of the most common types of dates which you find in market are as follows:

        Barhi dates: They have got their name from the Hot Arabic winds known as “Brah”. The Barhi dates are medium sized date with thin skinned having soft fruit with tender flesh and a syrupy flavor.

        Deglet Noor dates: These are another type of dates which are produced in U. S and around ninety five of deglet nor dates are produced in U.S.A only. They are easily available. It consist soft firm flesh covering and appears light red in color.

        Halawy dates: These are thick fleshed soft dates which have sweet and caramely taste. They can be used as cookies with dates when baked with cookies. Appearance wise they look like having wrinkle and color ranges from yellow to light amber.

        Khadraw dates: They are having sweet taste with caramel type structure.

        Medjool dates: These are best dates which are of semisoft type and are known as Cadillac of dates. They are very sweet in taste having moisture with firm texture. They are very popular in Asia because of sweet taste.

        Thoory dates: It is a type of dry date which has firm skin with chewy flesh.

        Zahidi dates: The Zahidi is a semi soft date which often known as Nobility. It consist of a seed with larger size and flesh is crunchy fibrous used in the production of date sugar products & sliced one dates. It is a high quality dates.

        The Chinese date is basically doesn’t belong to the family of dates. They are produced artificially with strong resemblance like dates having same color & texture.

        Why to buy dates:

        Dates are rich source of vitamin C2 and provide RDA. They have high concentration of rinoflavin, iron potassium and thiamin. You can easily buy these dates from dates at best price are available. At our site Madina grown dates are also available. We have option of dates for sale in India in which all types of dates are available. You can order from anywhere. Throughout the year different types of dates are available. Come and buy Khajoor Online.